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Brick and mortar retail steps up

Vetail.AI is a revolutionary artificial intelligence technology suite purpose-built for the retail industry. Designed to run on standard retail technology stacks with minimal integration, Vetail.AI levels the field for brick and mortar retailers, allowing them to compete effectively with the data-driven, technology-rich online ecommerce retailers.


Turn your in-store sales staff into high-performing sales machines using the AI-powered Vetail.Wearable gear. Hyper-personalize in-store experience to earn the trust and loyalty of customers.

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Nudge shoppers into buying more with personalized discount bundles delivered through the voice- and touch-enabled Vetail.Kiosk. Turn planograms at busy retail stores into navigation aids.

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With its unique capabilities to acquire previously inaccesible data, Vetail.Insight is the must-have tool in every retail executive's arsenal to stay updated in real-time and make decisions on the fly.

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Unlock the potential of your retail business

Every retail store is a hive of invaluable but difficult to acquire data. Vetail.AI captures this data, analyzes it in real-time, and makes downstream customer transactions possible in seconds.

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Vetail.Insight is the only tool a retail executive needs.

Monitor the health of geographically distributed stores and personnel, stay updated on shopper behavior in real-time, and get deep insights into demand patterns.

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White Papers

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Driving retail revenue using Artificial Intelligence

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Traditionally, artificial intelligence has been used to generate insights focused on process optimization. However, AI can now be harnessed to directly augment in-store retail revenue.

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Identifying the real rockstars in your store sales team

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Most retailers set revenue targets for individual sales associates. A fixation on this absolute metric risks undervaluing associates who may in fact produce more revenue if conditions are altered.

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A framework for investigating low conversion rates

White paper

The market is inundated with vendors providing solutions that claim to improve conversion rates. However, attempting to fix the symptoms without understanding the root cause is risky.

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Experts speak

"Vetail.AI is an indispensable disruptive
technology for brick and mortar retail."

Vinod Nambiar.
President, Colgate Palmolive - Asia Pacific